Altamira Historical Guitars


Historical copy instruments crafted to the exact specifications of the original instruments. These instruments are hand-crafted in Altamira's specialised luthier workshop and are ideal for musicians looking to perform their repertoire on period instruments. The newest model Altamira has is the "Vienna" model which is an authentic representation of the traditional “Viennese” Stauffer guitar.

The leading interpretation of the Viennese style guitar.

Although the guitar is quintessentially Spanish, with the great luthiers and guitarists hailing from Spain, it is important to recognize the influence of other cultures in the development and progression of the modern day guitar. An example of this is Austria’s profound impact in guitar design during the Romantic period through the Stauffer family.

The Altamira ‘Vienna’ model is inspired and pays homage to the traditional Viennese guitar, made popular in the 19th Century by the Stauffer family. The great icons of classical guitar music all played this Viennese guitar style: Franz Schubert, Niccolo Paganini, Mauro Giuliani, Diabelli, Luigi Legnani and Joseph Kasper Mertz.

Furthermore, many famous luthiers (C. F. Martin – Martin Guitars, and Hauser I) constructed Viennese guitars in their youth under the guidance of Johann Georg Stauffer.

Compared to modern classical guitars, the Altamira ‘Vienna’ model is built to the exact size of instruments made during the 19th century, however with better selection of materials and improved craftsmanship thanks to advanced precise equipment and tools. The final result is a beautiful, authentic representation of this traditional guitar, perfect for early music enthusiasts.