The Altamira Brand


Altamira guitars are handcrafted traditional guitars - constructed using proven historical building methods to produce instruments of the highest quality. Altamira is the leading brand producing the full range of acoustic instruments - standard classical guitars, gypsy jazz guitars, historical copy guitars, acoustic steel string guitars. Every Altamira guitar is manually set-up by Altamira luthiers in our Los Angeles workshop to ensure optimum playability and quality.


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Premium Woods

Altamira guitars are made with the highest quality aged woods sourced from Europe and the Americas. Spruce from Germany, Cedar from Spain, Rosewood from Brazil and India, Cocobolo from Mexico and Maple from Canada.

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Altamira guitars are hand crafted using traditional Spanish construction processes. Every guitar made by Altamira is hand joined, bound (wrapped with the traditional Spanish rope method) and assembled to ensure the highest quality instruments are produced.

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Traditional Design

Altamira guitars feature the Spanish heel-neck joint - the traditional neck joint in Spanish guitar construction. This technique involves the neck and head-block being carved from a single piece of wood, which integrates into the body of the guitar and causes the entire instrument to vibrate in unison.


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Solid Tops

Altamira guitars are solid top guitars. The top of the guitar is the vital component for generating sound, vibrating as each string is plucked. With solid top guitars, the more this soundboard vibrates, the more this single piece of wood adapts and ‘opens up’ which improves the quality of sound as the guitar ages.

The Altamira Range



Classical Guitars

Altamira's premium classical (nylon) guitar range delivering superb tone, projection and clarity.


Gypsy Jazz Guitars

Altamira's gypsy guitar range delivering a powerful sound to cut-through in group playing.


Smaller Sized Guitars

Altamira's smaller sized guitars (half and three-quarter sizes) ideal for young children beginning to learn the guitar.




Altamira's range of cases using innovative materials which are lightweight and structurally sound.

Altamira Sounds


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Performance Series

The Altamira Performance Series is a catalogue of performances by a range of talented musicians playing different Altamira guitars. All recordings have been mastered and balanced to give a true representation of each guitar's natural sound, with minimal effects added.

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Masterclass Series

The Altamira Masterclass Series is a catalogue of masterclasses provided by established guitar educators and Altamira ambassadors. These short instructional videos give students tips for practicing different techniques, musical styles and various AMEB grade pieces.